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Do we really exist for ourselves? Do we expect others to be able to see us with generous eyes? Are the others around us real, complex and alive, people to our brains? How does shame start in our adult relationships? What is the role of the instrumental brain? How does contempt contribute to shame? Learn about and begin to transform the contracts that lead to shame, prevent true expression and authentic relationship.
This event is part 3 of a 3-part series exploring resonance and relationships, how we can use the foundational concepts of Sarah’s book, Your Resonant Self and its accompanying workbook, to transform relationships with those we are closest to.
This event is available as a 2-for-1 enrollment (purchase one registration and you’ll be able to invite another person for free!)
You are welcome to register for any of the three individual events in the 3-part series, however, registering for the full 3-Part Immersion might be a good fit if you’d like to access the content bonuses and bonus group skill-building/practice sessions.

What to Expect:
This 3-day immersion weekend will cover the following topics via lectures interspersed with experiential exercises:

  • Shame patterns in adult relationships
  • Contracts not to fully show up
  • Working with the aftermath of previous traumatic relationships
  • Identifying the instrumental brain
  • Dismantling contempt
  • Conclusion

The schedule will be as follows (All times are in the Pacific Time zone. To convert to your time, please click here)

November 15: Friday 5-8pm
November 16: Saturday, 9-12pm, 1-3pm
November 17: Sunday 9-12pm, 1-3pm

Recordings will be available for 3 years. Please download and save all videos you would like to keep by December 1, 2027

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