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Do you long for mutuality and engagement in your relationships? Are you sometimes exhausted by offering endless empathy but rarely having the same care and curiosity turned back toward you? Do you wonder how to exist and share your own authentic response to things while hanging on to connection and inclusion? Do you wish for some really good tools and approaches to bring liveliness to your interpersonal world?

If so, join Sarah Peyton for an 8-week exploration of the embodiment of mutuality in conversations with this 8-week study and practice of I-You language.

In this class, participants will:

    • Learn the 3 rules and 2 intentions of I-You language
    • Practice gratitude as expressed in I-You
    • Roleplay difficult conversations
    • Release contracts not to exist or have needs
    • Explore contracts not to hurt others which stop all connection and authenticity
    • Mourn the real losses of missed mutuality
    • Disentangle the roots of trauma from our beliefs that we don’t matter
    • Grow in capacity for self-warmth

    Recordings will be available for 3 years. Please download and save all videos you would like to keep by November 1, 2025

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