How To Heal PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

The mystery of self-hate is that from the outside it makes no sense. Why would a perfectly good brain attack itself? PTSD isn’t only a result of experiencing war-time events, but also comes from attachment wounding, childhood and intergenerational trauma and more. 

PTSD is when the brain becomes incredibly cruel in an attempt to keep us and others safe, leading to a range of symptoms like flashbacks, nightmares & constant vigilance and worry, severe anxiety, guilt & shame, trouble sleeping, irritability & self-destructive behavior, detachment from your emotions or body (“dissociation”), negative self-perception and intimacy issues.

See below for articles about how to understand that the PTSD “truths” our brains tell us actually come from trauma, and can be changed over time.

How to Heal Trauma: Time-Traveling with Resonance

How to Heal Trauma: Time-Traveling with Resonance

Bringing resonance and accompaniment back to our wounded selves is the key to healing brains that have been fragmented by traumatic experience. This is called many names, for example: CRM Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM)®  I call it the Time Traveling with Resonance...

Healing the Inner Critic: How Resonant Language Changes Brains

Healing the Inner Critic: How Resonant Language Changes Brains

Resonant attention and language changes the way we see ourselves. With our new eyes, we start to transform our experiences of shame, rage, terror and self-doubt into the sense that we are enough, just as we are. This interview breaks down the neuroscience of language in layperson’s terms and explains how the way we talk to ourselves can change and heal over time, quieting the lacerating judgments of the default mode network (aka – the critical inner voice).

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