In preparation for these two classes, there are a few suggested pre-class activities.  As with anything, these are suggestions so that you will get the most out of the course, but everything is optional.

Suggested pre-class work:

– Read Chapter 2 in the workbook
– Listen to the meditation for Chapter 2, Guided Meditation for Intrusive Memories – you can find the direct link to the audio by clicking on the name of the meditation. You can also download the free meditations here, and find the full list of meditations in your sign-up email. Listen 5x per week through this unit.
– Fill in the graph (figure 2.3) The Ebb and Flow of Self- Love on Page 32
– Journal a time travel resonance process for yourself on Pages 42-44
– Do an Always/Never Contract Process on Page 47
– Consider the impact of trauma on your parents’ lives on Pages 48-50

This {handout} has all of the exercises.

If you still need to order your copy of the book, you can do so here.

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