Welcome to the First Aid for Trauma or Trauma Memories Video and Journaling Support.

(Please know that this support is not therapy, nor is it meant to be a replacement for therapy. If you are experiencing serious symptoms, including but not limited to suicidal ideation, dissociation that does not go away, or memories that completely overtake you, then this First Aid series is not adequate to the task of support. This support is meant for moments when the memories are troublesome but not debilitating, and as accompaniment along a general healing journey.)

  • This series will take you through a time travel resonance journey.
  • The journey will take you about an hour if you write for about 4 minutes with each journal prompt.
  • If you need more time, you can stretch the journey out over as many days or weeks as you need to.
  • Some of my time travel journeys have taken several years.
  • Feel free to take breaks and to get outside support whenever you need to.

If you are someone who likes to work on paper, feel free to download and print a PDF version of the prompts for this course. Or if you like to work on your screen, you can download a Word version of the prompts to type into. Alternatively, you can also work through these prompts in your head. Download and print the guide to time travel resonance to use as a map on your journey through this course.



Time Travel Resonance

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