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Please familiarize yourself with the intention of the group in the classroom on or here.

Session 1: Exploring Chapter 4, Healing Shame by Identifying Broken Contracts
Focus: The circuits of emotion and motivation and window of welcome

An option for group resonance and discussion, created and offered by Jaya Manske


1. Take a moment to settle in and say hello (Timing: 1-2 minutes)

2. Choose someone to lead this session. We recommend a different person volunteer to lead each time. This person will track time and read aloud the instructions that follow (you may also pick 2 people, one to track time and another to read instructions). (Timing: 1 minute)

3. Check-in. Please go around the circle, giving each person an opportunity to share:
– One feeling and/or body sensation you’re experiencing
– Share a metaphor for your internal weather report.
– If your internal experience was likened to the weather, what are you experiencing today as you enter this space together? (For example: is it cloudy and warm? Is it a sweltering drought? Is
it like a hurricane with gale-force winds? Is it like a calm day with an occasional breeze?).

(Timing: 9-15 minutes)

4. Discussion (round 1) We ask you to try to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard; one way to do this is to make sure that no one speaks a second time before everyone has spoken or said that they are passing. If someone passes, check in with them after everyone else has shared to see if they would like to share before moving on.

For ideas about how to create a group where deep sharing is possible, please remind yourself of these guidelines.

Please share.

This week, we learned the circuits of emotion and motivation (you can see a handout of all the circuits here).

What circuits were celebrated, welcomed, or easily reflected in your home growing up?* Were there some emotions that one parent reflected for you, and another did not? What circuits weren’t present in your home – what emotions were not spoken about, or expressed in your family?

*If it is easier for you, or if you prefer, instead reflect on the people currently in your life. Your current family or your friends. What emotions are easily reflected by those around you? What emotions get dropped, ignored, or dismissed?

(Timing: 15-20 minutes)

5. Please share (round 2):

How do these experiences with others impact your willingness/ability to express certain emotions now? Do you notice that some emotions are easier to express and others are challenging or impossible? Is there a particular circuit that is offline for you? Another that runs the show most of the time? What do you notice now?

After sharing, if you feel vulnerable, or if it would be supportive, ask your group if to share a need met and gift received from your sharing

(Timing:15-25 minutes)

6. Closure: please close by having each person name a need met or a gift received after this discussion. You can read more about this practice here.

(Timing: 5 minutes)

The suggested format above is meant to create ease, however, your group might instead choose to structure your time around any of these activities or create your own:
1. Offer resonant empathy to each other, either in the whole group or in smaller sub-groups (you can use this resonant empathy circle format if you’d like)
2. Listen to the meditation from chapter 4 together and talk about what came up for you
3. Do one of the homework exercises suggested and discuss

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