Resonance Live: a 12-Week Process Work Series 

In this small group healing and learning series, readers of Your Resonant Self  will learn how to apply the discoveries of relational neuroscience to our lives as we live them. Join anytime, sessions run through Jan 2021

Welcome to the Your Resonant Self Process Work Series

Are you reading Your Resonant Self and wondering how to actually experience the deep process work Sarah outlines in the book? Would you like to have Sarah’s gentle, resonant attention on your personal healing journey and any blocks you’re encountering as you move through the book?

In this small healing cohort, readers of Your Resonant Self can discover how to apply the discoveries from relational neuroscience to our lives as we live them. With Sarah’s eyes and heart on your personal healing work, participants can come to this special series to get support in applying the foundational concepts and practices of Your Resonant Self, live, together in community.

This Online Series Meets 12 Times:

Live online classes are happening now! Register to watch previous recordings and join Sarah for the remainder live.

Session 1: August 20

Session 4: October 1 

Session 7: December 3

Session 10: January 7

Session 2: August 27

Session 5: October 15

Session 8: December 10

Session 11: January 14

Session 3: September 24

Session 6: November 5 

Session 9: December 17

Session 12: January 21

Event Details

A live process work group for previous book study participants and readers of Your Resonant Self.

Each session is driven by the material and questions of the participants, there is no curriculum. Instead, Sarah will work directly with the questions and blocks that are brought by the learners, and participants will be supported in real-time to apply the process work from the book.

What is Process work? Process work refers to a container where Sarah will lead the participant through a process that is outlined in the book, so that you can take home a real live demonstration of how to apply the insights to yourself in your own healing.

What to Expect:

  • This is an online Zoom course and will meet for a total of 12 sessions
  • All sessions will be recorded to allow participants from many time zones to participate in witnessing the process work and application.
  • Participants will bring their questions to sessions and Sarah will address them either through education or process work.
  • This is not a chapter by chapter exploration – it is an opportunity to witness and learn from watching Sarah do process work with others.
  • Each session is a 55-minute class, and will take place on Thursday mornings from 9-9:55 am Pacific time. Downloadable recordings and will be made available shortly after each of the 12 meetings.
  • Sessions will meet: August 20, August 27, September 24, October 1, October 15, November 5, December 3, December 10, December 17 2020, January 7, January 14, January 21, 2021
  • This is a gentle, resonant learning container similar to Sarah’s in-person workshops where we mix experiential work with neuroscience concepts in order to weave a healing path that is replicable and learnable.
  • All sessions are recorded, join now to catch up on recordings and join the final sessions.

Who is This Event For?

This event is geared toward those who are actively reading Your resonant Self, or those who are watching the Book Study recordings, and would like a real life demonstration of how to apply the insights of the book to your real life.

Since there is no curriculum or set agenda, this event is best suited for those who are able and interested in arriving with questions, to direct your own learning through questions that are arising as you work through the Your Resonant Self materials.

If you are a beginner, new to Sarah’s work, and/or a little bit shy to come with clear questions, please know you are welcome! If you are wishing to observe the process work in order to apply it in your own healing at a later date, you are very welcome to attend.


Please Note:

  • This work is not therapy and is not a substitute for therapy. If you have a sense that you would be destabilized by others speaking about difficult events, it would be better not to register for this program.
  • This is an opportunity for personal growth and transformation and to see the world and yourself with new levels of compassion.

The Series Includes 6 Free Webinars:

Bonus #1: Sarah’s August 2020 Neuroscience and Resonance Webinar

Autonomy: Differentiation, Agency, and Existence

What changes can be made and what unconscious contracts can we release so that we can experience more self-determination and choice in our lives? In this session with Sarah Peyton, you’ll learn a little about the brain, a little about unconscious contracts, and a lot about yourself.

Bonus #2: Sarah’s September 2020 Neuroscience and Resonance Webinar​

Patriarchy, the Body and the Reclamation of Self

Wondering how living in domination systems impacts our brains and our ability to be grounded? Join Sarah Peyton to explore what patriarchy does to our brains and begin to find the truth of who we are and make movements toward healing from the effects of colonization and patriarchy.

Bonus #3: Sarah’s October 2020 Neuroscience and Resonance Webinar​

Holding Climate Anxiety with Resonance and Care

Do you long to stay present to the reality of climate change, but find it increasingly anxiety producing? Join Sarah for an evening of resonance and to learn a series of exercises for self-warmth in these difficult times.

Bonus #4: Sarah’s November 2020 Neuroscience and Resonance Webinar

Serotonin and the Just-Right Life

Are you curious about the important role of serotonin in our experience of well-being?  Join Sarah Peyton to learn about what is needed for serotonin to be the balancing force it’s meant to be, and how we can move towards greater resilience through receiving resonance and trauma healing.

Bonus #5: Sarah’s December 2020 Neuroscience and Resonance Webinar​

FREE: Sarah’s 2020 Process Work Exploration

As our planet suffers, our anxiety increases.  We are a part of the whole, and our bodies suffer along with our home.  In order to remain engaged, responsive and loving, we need support, otherwise, our inner resources become depleted. Join Sarah for a deeper understanding of accompaniment and to learn a series of small, doable exercises for self-warmth and self-holding in these difficult times.


Bonus #6: Sarah’s January 2021 Neuroscience and Resonance Webinar​

The Neuroscience of White Fragility

One of the organizing systems in the Global North is a prioritization of white bodied people. Join Sarah to explore the neuroscience research around privilege, defensiveness, and what often occurs when we combine access to dominance (privilege) with nervous system disregulation.

What Folks Say About Sarah’s Your Resonant Self Retreats

“I hadn’t specifically identified the experience of warmth as having identifiable qualities before encountering the Resonant Self through Sarah’s workshops. This work helped me in recognising the flavour of warmth: empathy, acceptance, precise and relational language. Through Sarah’s work I have sown seeds of new growth and gathered a rich harvest.”

Cheree Bacchus

Cost and How to Register

$350 for the full series. You can join anytime and watch recordings for up to 3 years.



  • Your tuition payment is non-refundable and transferrable.
  • Sign up anytime during the course to join live calls and receive recordings
  • This work is not therapy and is not a substitute for therapy. If you have a sense that you would be destabilized by others speaking about difficult events, it would be better not to register for this program.
  • This is an opportunity for personal growth and transformation and to see the world and yourself with new levels of compassion.

If you have questions or need help deciding whether this event is right for you, please email [email protected]

About Sarah

Sarah Peyton looking up and right

Sarah Peyton, CNVC Certified Trainer and neuroscience educator, integrates brain science and the use of resonant language to heal trauma.

She brings together depth work and self-compassion that integrate Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) with the transformative potential of Nonviolent Communication’s

She teaches and lectures internationally, and is the
author of the book “Your Resonant Self: Guided Meditations
and Exercises to Engage Your Brain’s Capacity for Healing,” published by Norton Publishing in September of 2017.

Cell phone with Your Resonant Self Guided Meditations Audio Book

When we change how we speak to ourselves, we change how our brain works.


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