Introduction to Resonant Language: an 8-week Online Course + Practice Space

The language we use changes our brains. Transform fragmentation and trauma into wholeness with resonant language. 2-for-1 enrollment (sign-up with a friend for free!)

Resonant language can change your brain from self-attacking critic to warm attentive friend.

Have you ever wondered why some people’s presence, support and listening feels so good, while other people’s support doesn’t seem to have much impact?

When we have a sense of being “gotten,” when we are deeply attuned to, we take in the nourishment and attention and care like thirsty, struggling plants finally receiving the water and nutrients we need to grow.

Resonant attention and language changes the way we see ourselves. With our new eyes, we start to transform our experiences of shame, rage, terror and self-doubt into the sense that we are enough, just as we are.


This course uses relational neuroscience to explain how to use the language of the right hemisphere to access our innate, human capacity for deep resonance with ourselves and each other.

The course includes videos, handouts and worksheets, online assessments and journal prompts to take you through 8 weeks of study, however this course can be done slower or faster if desired.

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What You’ll Learn in this 8-Week Course

Cell phone with Your Resonant Self Guided Meditations Audio Book
  • How resonance — what happens when we have a sense that we are understood — is key to beginning self-empathy and self-support
  • A foundational understanding of the way the language we use changes the brain, and how it can support us in self-connection, growth and learning
  • How you might be keeping yourself stuck in the way you talk to yourself and with others
  • Why reassurance is actually harmful, and what to do instead
  • How resonance changes our brains and helps us heal painful pasts.

Take a Look Inside the Course

Week 1: Hemispheres and Neuroplasticity

  • Introduction to the hemispheres
  • Left and right hemisphere language
  • Nonviolent Communication, needs and the hemispheres
  • Neuroplastic timing and learning
  • Emotions in the body

Week 2: Warmth and Feelings and Needs

  • The importance of warmth
  • The hemispheres and warmth
  • Working with feelings and needs
  • More on left and right hemisphere language
  • Distinguishing needs from strategies

Week 3: Feelings and the Right Hemisphere

  • The left hemisphere: strategies, blame and details
  • Body sensations and nuanced feelings
  • Faux Feelings and decoding blame

Week 4: Right Hemisphere Resonant Language

  • Right hemisphere language
  • Acknowledgment
  • Understanding happiness and joy
  • Self-empathy for celebration

Week 5: Resonance with Grief

  • Resonating with grief
  • Landscape of grief
  • Differentiating reassurance from resonance
  • Translating reassurance into feelings and needs
  • Post-Traumatic growth

Week 6: Resonance for Fear

  • Fear thermometer
  • Resonance for fear
  • Anxiety: fear vs. loneliness

Week 7: Resonance for Anger

  • The Beaufort scale of anger
  • Translating your criticisms of others
  • Translating others’ criticisms of you
  • Translating self-criticism

Week 8: Resonance with Dissociation and Shock

  • Possibilities for experiencing shock and dissociation
  • Resonance with shock and dissociation

What People Love about Resonant Language

This past year has opened my eyes to the possibilities of what this work can do to transform our individual trauma from systemic issues like patriarchy, racism, sexism, genderism and other ways humans segregate into a new way of human connection. I wholeheartedly endorse anyone with an overtaxed nervous system to attend and bathe in the resonance to be found.

I have recently completed Sarah’s brilliant book and it has helped me so much to make more sense of my own behaviours and ways to help me support myself and heal past issues. This is just a flavour of the immense wealth of knowledge Sarah has distilled into her book!
Clive Burks

This kind of gentle intervention is something every individual can learn and apply to their inner dialogue to calm themselves and build resilience. Sarah explains complex brain functions such as DMN and covers with a hands-on, step-by-step approach transforming and healing among other things the inner critic, personal, and inherited family trauma.
Pernille Plantener

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Have you ever wondered why some people’s presence, support and listening feels so good, while other people’s support doesn’t seem to have much impact? This course introduces resonant language–the language of the right hemisphere–and teaches us to access our innate, human capacity for deep resonance with ourselves and each other.

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Sarah’s Story

Sarah Peyton looking up and right

I used to struggle with brutal depression… deadening, heavy sadness that made it hard to muster the energy to take a shower or even brush my teeth. Back then, I was in constant battle with an intensely self-critical inner voice that told me I was worthless, stupid, and unlovable. I didn’t realize that my depression made SO much sense given my childhood experiences of family that didn’t provide warm, nourishing relationships.

I’m here today to share what I’ve learned since then about how to heal past pains and move into a joyful relationship with ourselves using resonant language. Regardless of your age, genetic predisposition or adverse childhood experiences, your brain is capable of building new neural fibers to help self-regulate your emotions and awaken your body as a place of safety and security.

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Cell phone with Your Resonant Self Guided Meditations Audio Book

When we change how we speak to ourselves, we change how our brain works.


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