Healing from Depression: an 8-week Live Online Course

Join Sarah Peyton for a transformative journey to honor how depression has protected us from nervous system collapse, develop solid foundations of self-compassion, and reclaim each of our capacities to accompany ourselves with warmth and understanding. 

Meeting 8 times from Oct 16 through Dec 4, 2023

Do you try as hard as you can to make your life work, but feel that something is missing? Are you ready to explore a radical new way to live: in warmth instead of collapse?

Loneliness is deeply harmful for human bodies, and too many of us have felt too alone for too long. What we call “depression” is our nervous system’s strategy to protect us from an underlying immobilization that is so vast that, if left unchecked, it would destroy us. For many of us, an unknown layer of “alarmed aloneness” lurks in the very foundation of our being. Alarmed aloneness is the alarm state of our nervous system living without a sense that anyone else is really there for us.

The way that we bring our bodies out of the protective state of depression is by soothing and nurturing our underlying aloneness out of alarm and into connection.

This is a radical new way of understanding depression, and we have seen these concepts and practices change people’s lives in the most beautiful, and hopeful, of ways.

In this eight week workshop, Sarah Peyton will work gently with depression and alarmed aloneness, introducing these neuroscience concepts and practicing resonant language exercises to try to reach and nourish the neurons that have been impacted by these adverse experiences. Participants will be guided through Resonant Healing processes of unconscious contracts and time travel in order to learn more about what keeps us from finding our way out of depression once we’re in it, and to touch and accompany our extended emotional states of alarmed aloneness. Mid-way through the course, we’ll shift gears into a deep exploration of our circuits of emotion and motivation, paying specific attention to the relationship between depression and our SEEKING circuit, RAGE circuit, and CARE circuit. 

The work done in this course has the power to help participants create a solid foundation of self-compassion from which they can continue to accompany themselves on their healing journey.

Course Details

 This 8-Session Series Runs From Oct 16 – Dec 4, 2023

We will meet online from 1:30 PM-2:50 PM PDT | 4:30 PM EDT | 9:30 PM BST (convert to your time zone here) for a total of eight 80-minute sessions.

What You’ll Learn in this Course:

  • Oct 16: Introduction to Alarmed Aloneness and Depression
  • Oct 23: Meeting our Alarmed Aloneness with Resonance
  • Oct 30: Unconscious Contracts that keep us Depressed
  • Nov 6: Extended Emotional States and Time Travel
  • Nov 13: Introducing the Seeking circuit
  • Nov 20: The Rage circuit and it’s connection to depression
  • Nov 27: Left and Right hemispheres of the brain
  • Dec 4: Bringing the Care circuit online

Who is this Course For?

    All welcome. Students, from beginners to advanced, who are interested to work more deeply with, and heal from, their depression.

    If you are brand new to resonance, time-travel and unconscious contracts that’s OK! Our assistants can help you get into the right break-out rooms to practice with others who are newer to this work, and we offer many demonstrations for learning and skill-building opportunities within this healing space.

    This course is for those whose nervous systems are often in a state of alarmed aloneness, and will benefit from a different way forward with the researched-backed benefits of time-travel rescue and Sarah’s work on Unconscious Contracts, which is the heart of her second book, the Your Resonant Self Workbook.

    This Course Includes 1:1 Resonant Support!

    Often, this work can have unexpected depth and touch on deeply held subconscious awareness and pain.  Getting support when we need it most helps participants to integrate, regulate, and have a felt experience of the transformative power of resonance.

    Get assistant support during classes. Experience resonant support from experienced practitioners when you need it during class times.   Here’s what a previous participant shared about having assistant support available during courses:

    “1:1 Resonant Support from Sarah’s assistants is amazing!

    Basically, if you feel yourself getting upset or shutting down from the content, you can ask at any time to be put into a break-out room with a resonance-trained facilitator – people who’ve studied with Sarah for years.

    I was caught in my experience with the most exquisite attunement… I cried and had a bunch of memories arise, and felt afterwards that I had moved mountains, after years of trying to work with this pain.”

    Rachel Plaidran




    • Your tuition payment is non-refundable and transferable.
    • This course will be recorded for those who want to learn asynchronously for some or all sessions.
    • This work is not therapy and is not a substitute for therapy. If you have a sense that you would be destabilized by yourself or others speaking about difficult events, then this course may not be for you. While we hope that the processes and information that we share can be of use in your journey, we do not have the resources to support extreme psychological difficulties.

    We are delighted to offer 10.5 CEU hours for psychologists and social workers for this course ($30 additional fee). Chicago Counseling Associates has been approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to sponsor continuing education for social workers and psychologists. CCA maintains responsibility for this program and its content. Live attendance is required to receive CEUs.

    About Sarah

    sarah smiling slightly looking at camera

    Sarah Peyton, Certified Trainer of Nonviolent Communication and neuroscience educator, integrates brain science and the use of resonant language to heal personal and collective trauma with exquisite gentleness.

    Sarah is a sought-after expert who brings neuroscience expertise together with depth work, self-compassion, and the transformative potential of language. She works with audiences internationally to create a compassionate understanding of the effects of relational trauma on the brain, and teaches people how words change and heal us.

    Sarah teaches and lectures internationally and is the author of four books on relational neuroscience and self-compassion: Your Resonant Self: Guided Meditations and Exercises to Engage Your Brain’s Capacity for Healing, the companion Your Resonant Self Workbook: From Self-sabotage to Self-care, and Affirmations for Turbulent Times: Resonant Words to Soothe Body and Mind, and The Antiracist Heart: A Self-Compassion and Activism Handbook, co-authored alongside Roxy Manning, PhD.

    Cell phone with Your Resonant Self Guided Meditations Audio Book

    When we change how we speak to ourselves, we change how our brain works.


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