Songs of the Essential Self with Joshua Blaine


This session will be taught by Joshua Blaine, September 29, 2021 from 6-7:30pm PDT
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In this session, we’ll bring some warm attention to some patterns that we’re ready to shift and release. With the help of emergent song – melody, rhythm, poetry, and breath – we’ll then offer ourselves blessings from our Essential Selves for the “new direction our longing wants us to take” (John O’Donohue). Guided by songleader and resonant healing facilitator, Joshua Blaine, one or a few participants will have the opportunity to receive and/or co-create a song from their essential self, which will be recorded and shared afterward to continue to accompany, inspire, and inform the ongoing process of transformation and integration.



About Joshua Blaine

Joshua H Blaine is a community songleader, Jewish ritualist & storyteller, and newly certified resonant healing facilitator. His longings root deeply into his ancestral commitments to justice, repair of the earth, and the practice of cultivating loving community. He is most drawn to working with other men/masculine folks, white folks, and organizations/movements working for collective liberation and radical systemic transformation. He is an avid gardener, loving partner to a Hebrew priestess and survivor, and the humble parent to a mystical dog named Blue.

Songs of the Essential Self with Joshua Blaine
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