Autism and Empathy


What is the latest research into Asperger’s/Autism revealing? Join Sarah Peyton to explore what scientists have been discovering and how resonance fits into the picture.

This is primarily a learning and neuroscience content webinar, including a small number of actionable insights and healing process work. If you are seeking healing and resonance practice opportunities, please see Sarah’s upcoming courses here

Have you ever wondered about resonance and the Asperger's/Autism spectrum? If you are anything like Sarah, you have had sweet and deep experiences of resonance with folks who identify as being on the spectrum. Yet then we hear about research showing various impacts of the spectrum affecting the social circuitry. How can these two things be possible? How can we bring resonance and empathy into the Autism and neurodivergence experience? Join Sarah Peyton for a lively discussion about some of the neuroscience connected with neurodivergence and the possible openings that resonance brings.

This teleseminar was created and recorded in July 2017.

Autism and Empathy

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