FREE: Sarah’s 2023 Process Work Exploration: Radical Being-With and Alarmed Aloneness

Every year Sarah takes the newest process that she has been exploring and brings it to the public to savor and experience along with her. This 2023 offering explores Radical Being-With: How to Touch Alarmed Aloneness through Crucible Moments.Learn how resonance helps us accompany one another in emotional experience, without getting ourselves lost at sea.

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This is primarily a learning and neuroscience content webinar, including a small number of actionable insights and healing process work. If you are seeking healing and resonance practice opportunities, please see Sarah’s upcoming courses here

What if what we've learned about keeping ourselves emotionally at a distance when others are struggling are actually doing more harm than good?

What if this distance is the very thing that keeps us from true transformative possibility? What if rather than keeping us safe and contained, the advice we’ve received to “stay on the banks” ends up leaving both ourselves and our clients and loved ones stranded and alone? Resonant Healing is a radical departure from this mainstream paradigm.

In resonance, we shift our purpose: we move away from fixing, controlling, and "making it better" and into the radical accompaniment of just being here with you. This isn't just a "nice thing to do," it's backed by the science of neuroplasticity and brain change. Watch this free process work demonstration and webinar with Sarah Peyton about the magic of accompaniment–true, deep, and substantial accompaniment– as the catalyst for emotional trauma healing. Watch a real live person receiving Resonant Support, and see for yourself.

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When we change how we speak to ourselves, we change how our brain works.


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Healing from Betrayal & Abandonment is Possible


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