Olga Nguyen

Olga Nguyen

Shaman, Art Therapist, Artist, Author, Constellations Facilitator, Certified NVC Trainer, MSc, GCMA

I offer Systemic Constellations, Art Therapy, Resonant Healing and trauma-informed NVC dialogue facilitation and mediation, including for families and couples. As a Certified NVC Trainer and Assessor-in-training for CNVC Certification Process, I offer one-to-one trauma-aware, culture-aware supervision, mentoring and support in conflict resolution that relates to CNVC Certification Process. I have mentored  Certification Candidates who are based all around the world: from USA via Australia via South East Asia via Ukraine to Russia. As a Resonant Healing Russian-language-Programme Facilitator, I have also offered mentoring and supervision to Resonant Healing Practitioners internationally around challenges related to their practice.

Some examples of my work:

  • if you have had any experiences with Birth or Death after which you have not felt the same (and not in a happy way), as a Shaman* and a Constellations Facilitator I can support you in healing from this experience, whatever it may mean for you – closure, or transformation, or reclaiming what was lost, or choosing how to go forward – or another choice of yours. I have supported people’s healing from difficult birth (and antenatal and postnatal) experiences since 2007. And I have done c. 600 hours clients’ sessions in 2020-2022 supporting people whose loved ones were chronically or terminally ill, and those who struggled with their own ongoing health-issues (including post-COVID). Based on these experiences, I do believe that body-based art methods and resonance can really support our well-being.(** my still living Shamanic teachers are Daan Van Kampenhout, Elena Veselago, Irina Nee)
  • If you experienced medical trauma, I can support you on your healing journey – with the constellations and Art Therapy for those things that are hard to verbalise.
  • if you have had social trauma (any kind of discrimination, microaggressions, racism, gender discrimination etc), I can support you on your healing journey – with Constellations, Systemic Rituals and Art Therapy.
  • If you run a business and you’d like it to grow better, I can offer you a constellation to see what parts of your personal, family and systemic trauma is stored in your business and stops its development. *If you are making a work or business decision and there are a lot of unknown factors, constellation work will support you in gathering intuitive, “relational brain” knowledge of how each decision will unfold. I bring my professional experience in organisations and Finance (GCMA/management accountant, work experience from an Accountant to Finance Director of a national charity) to my current systemic work for businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • If you are facing a cross-country or international relocation for personal or work reasons, and it may feel complex or bewildering, throughout the years, I have supported many people through constellations or resonant healing at different stages of such journeys.

You can see more information and book a session here.

My life has been dramatically and positively impacted by Olga’s NeuroArt. The ability that I now have…directly as a result of Olga’s instruction and subsequent support…to bring empathy to myself, to hold space for myself whenever and wherever I need to, and to access the calming wonder of my right hemisphere by focusing into my art has literally been life-changing. ~Becky W:


Leeds, West Yorks, UK

Studied with Sarah Since



I work worldwide via Zoom. 60 mins sessions - $150 USD (pro-rate for 30 & 80 mins). Packages of 3 are available for $120/ea session ($360). Organisations and groups please email to enquire.

Works with:

addiction, anger, anxiety, attachment, boundaries, CPTSD, depression, emotional/verbal abuse, neglect, physical abuse, PTSD, relationships/couples, self-esteem/finding life's purpose, sexual abuse/assault
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