Julie Duguid

Resonant Healing Practioner, Human Givens Psychotherapist and coach (HG Post Grad Dip)

Would it feel supportive if someone else understood how things are for you?

Do your good intentions get sabotaged?

Are there parts of you longing to have their emotional wounds healed, with warmth and kindness?

Resonant Healing provided a very important piece of my own healing puzzle, which helped my inner critic finally retire, which has meant life’s inevitable struggles are easier to face. Let us collaborate to help your brain become a resonant friend.

Our bodies work hard for us, they have a multitude of ways that help keep us safe in a moment of stress and/or threat, if you are reading this, whatever you did in the past worked, you are alive!

Once that moment it is over though, we start the process of trying to understand what happened, often making conclusions about how to behave in the future in similar situations and what to believe about ourselves and others. Sometimes, it is not only the actual event that is traumatising, it can also be what happens afterward, how others respond to us, which can help or hinder our recovery.

Resonant healing helps you reprocess those worst moments. With kind and compassionate accompaniment, you are able to come to different conclusions, update past memories, lowering the emotional charge, bringing ease to both body and mind, bringing back a sense of safety, choice and self value.

I work creatively and collaboratively and enjoy helping people move from confusion to understanding, from pain and panic to ease and compassion.

I started my career in banking and financial administration. I struggled with all aspects of social interactions and working with people in positions of power and yet I knew I had intelligence and abilities, I just did not know how to use them in a way that made life meaningful.

After many years of battling with both my physical and mental health, an accident that left me in a vehicle for nearly an hour waiting for the emergency services, gave me an opportunity to hear the various voices in my head. Once my inner critic had run out of steam, I found parts of me that had compassion and wisdom and my healing journey began.

Back then I struggled to find good therapeutic support, so I chose to spend my money on learning how to become my own therapist. For nearly 2 decades now I have been using the learning from both study and self recovery to help others.

I have a Human Givens post graduate diploma, which is an integrative therapeutic model that starts from the premise of what it is to be human. My background is in focusing on our human needs and the resources given to meet those needs.

I look to understand what hinders your ability to meet your needs in balance. Trauma and our response to trauma can be a big barrier to meeting our needs, and Resonant healing processes help remove those barriers, which can help us move out of survive mode and into thrive mode.

“I have suffered with anxiety and panic all my life to varying degrees. Julie has been instrumental in bringing the number of anxiety episodes down and perhaps more importantly their severity. She has helped me gain insight in to why they have been occurring. I have always looked forwards to the very safe space in which together we reprocess past traumas which have a deep rooted cause in the anxiety. Julie has always been exceptionally kind, warm, humorous, creative, understanding and patient. She has helped me significantly in terms of my own understanding of myself, my past and the present.”


Hungary and UK

Studied with Sarah Since



£60 (approx $85)

Works with:

anger, anxiety, attachment, boundaries, CPTSD, emotional/verbal abuse, neglect, PTSD, self-esteem/finding life's purpose
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