Joshua Blaine

Joshua Blaine

Resonant healing coach, men’s work facilitator, songleader, organizer

Are you wanting more resonance in your life? Are your colleagues, children, partner, or intuition telling you that you’re needing more support to step into your most empowered and tender self?

I work primarily with men and white folks who are longing for more connection, authenticity, and sense of purpose but I welcome working with any/all identities who are drawn to me and my approach, which weaves resonance with song, Jewish mystical wisdom, and needs-based coaching (currently pursuing ICF certification). I love working with couples, organizations, and communities, especially where there’s difficulty finding connection and trust across dynamics of power, conflict, or harm.


My approach weaves the tools and practices of nonviolence and resonance, grief tending, men’s work, song medicine, Jewish ritual & mysticism, and decades of experience facilitating and leading groups and organizations.


**All new clients start with a free 30-minute consult to see if working with one another is a good fit. Read below to learn more about how paid sessions work.**

I offer my work as “pay-from-the-heart,” which means I want both of us to feel good about the financial exchange for this work. Check in with your own heart and find a price that feels both generous and within your means. Most sessions are 60 minutes but 90 minutes is recommended for couples or organizational work.

60 minute session: $72-$144

90 minute session: $108-$198

All sessions are available for less for folks struggling to meet their basic needs but for whom this work would be transformative. Please let me know if this is you.


For couples work, the suggestion is to add 50% to your heart-centered pricing (i.e. if choosing to pay $90 per session, couples work would be $135, etc.). For corporate and organizational work, please consider adding 100% (i.e. 2x the heart-centered price).

For community organizations, movements for social change and justice, and other efforts of collective liberation, I am willing to offer this work for free or barter under certain circumstances. Please reach out or bring your inquiry to the consult if you’re interested.

“Joshua offers a safe, compassionate, and caring presence that feels like sitting under the shade of a magnificent tree with a cool breeze on a hot day. Joshua has helped me navigate the intricate and nuanced waters of relationship: relating to my own history and conditioned patterns with more resilience, relating with my partner and daughter in a way that fosters more connection and love, and relating to my work and how I contribute to the world with more intention and purpose. An incredible resource for anybody who wants to grow into a more integrated, whole version of themselves.” ~Aaron


Austin, Texas USA

Studied with Sarah Since



Pay-from-the-heart sliding scale $36-$144 for individuals. Contact me for couples and organizations.

Works with:

addiction, anger, anxiety, attachment, boundaries, CPTSD, depression, emotional/verbal abuse, neglect, physical abuse, PTSD, relationships/couples, self-esteem/finding life's purpose, self-harm, sexual abuse/assault
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