Joanna Andryszczak - Lewandowska

Joanna Andryszczak – Lewandowska

Advanced Resonant Healing Practitioner, Coach, Empath, Mentor, Trainer

Are you yearning for someone to look at you with love in their eyes?
Imagine experiencing love for both your complete self and your soul, embracing both the illuminated aspects and those still shrouded in shadows. Through Resonant Healing sessions and Family Constellation sessions with me, you’ll have the opportunity to embrace not only yourself but also your family and loved ones. You’ll deepen your understanding of yourself and the automatic patterns that govern you. By doing so, you’ll gain the freedom to choose how you wish to progress and continue living. Discover love and comprehension, uncover your unconscious wisdom, and take a significant step forward in your life’s journey.

I am a certified Resonant Healing Practitioner and empath as well as coach (ICF ACC), mentor (EMCC) and non-violent communication trainer. I am also a facilitator of systemic constellations. I am a certified provocative coach and NLP practitioner. I worked in financial institutions for 18 years as an analyst, manager and board member before I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to support other people. As a former private equity/venture capital fund manager, I have experience of working with various industries and in multicultural, international organisations.
During one of my own Resonant sessions, I discovered my secret vow and blessing “to save and retrieve all missing parts of souls of little ones no matter what age they are”.

I work with clients from EST to PDT as well as CET

I have been working with Joanna for about a year. Her exquisite attunement and wide window of welcome give me the trust I need to explore the depths of my grief, fear, shame, rage and disgust–all those emotions that I don’t want to acknowledge, which keep me stuck and unable to find the freedom I long for. But our sessions are anything but dark and heavy. Her fertile imagination and droll humor as well as her creativity and joy pervade the sessions. It is like being twelve years old and having a best friend who you can tell your deep secrets to. Together you’ll stay up half the night laughing and conspiring together, completely at home in the world, and just plain happy to have such a friend. ~ Deborah

I have been blessed by destiny to have found my way to Joanna’s support. The quality of her presence is of the most subtle gracious power. With her metaphors and impossible dream guesses, she helped me find and clear away obstacles. Together we closed ruptures in my energy, helping heal many years of traumatic fragmentation and dissociation-and always by invitation, never intrusion. In our work together, I found traction that supported giant leaps forward in my healing towards wholeness. ~Turiya


Warsaw, Poland

Studied with Sarah Since



100 euros per 90 minute session; 15 minute quick call for newcomers is free of charge

Works with:

addiction, anger, anxiety, attachment, boundaries, childhood trauma, CPTSD, depression, neglect, PTSD, self-esteem/finding life's purpose
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