Jane Pearson, ND aka HummingbirdJane

Naturopathic physician, Resonant healing practitioner

I support people in exploring places in their lives where they long for more ease, choice, energy or change.

My learning and healing is profoundly supported by studying resonance with Sarah. As a certified Resonance Healing Practitioner, I co-create and hold space for others on their journeys.

I have a deep reverence for the natural world and find inspiration from the beauty and wisdom of nature. I offer resonant empathy, unconscious contract/sacred vow work, time travel empathy as well as other resonant healing modalities.

I bring over 30 years of work as a homeopath and naturopathic physician, work as a certified mediator with restorative circles, professional certification in animal/equine/nature assisted therapy, 23 years of studying and teaching NVC, writing, visual arts, dance and music to my work with resonance.


“Your kind, gentle support helps me through challenging moments. I love the metaphors you provide when I need more understanding. I’m using resonance in my daily life. I’m able to have warmth for myself, relieve tension, exhaustion and anger and also rejoice with more gratitude, joy, love and ease. I’m more aware of listening to the emotions and needs of others too. I have received so many gifts with this practice of resonance!”


Poulsbo, WA USA

Studied with Sarah Since



phone, video, in-person: $150/session, up to 90 minute sessions.

Works with:

addiction, anger, anxiety, attachment, boundaries, CPTSD, depression, emotional/verbal abuse, neglect, PTSD, relationships/couples, self-esteem/finding life's purpose, sexual abuse/assault
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