Catherine Sara Foot

Resonant Healing Practitioner, Australian, Mother, Lawyer (long ago...)

Sarah Peyton had me at “would you like to make your brain a kinder place to live?” I learned early on that my brain was not a kind or loving place…but I never fully understood why, until I met Sarah Peyton and her wonderful, life changing resonance work. I would love to support you and share this work with you, wherever you are in your healing journey.

I am committed to personal and spiritual growth, for my clients, myself, and my community. A chronic health condition in my early 20s started me on a journey of healing, in which I learned first-hand of the limitations of the western “healthcare” and even “alternative” approaches.

As a parent and from my own learning, I came to believe deeply in the importance of attuned parenting and the crucial role this plays in the healthy development of children at every age. Also, and as critical for ourselves and our children, is the healing of our own personal traumas, so as to expand our personal window of welcome and to develop “earned” secure attachment.

I have studied a variety of healing modalities, over the 4 decades of my healing journey – family constellations with Susan Ulfelder, Suzi Tucker, Leslie Nipps, Emily Blefield & Dan Cohen and, of course, Sarah Peyton; IOPT (based on Franz Ruppert’s work) with Vivian Broughton, as well as more traditional therapeutic modalities such as social work, counseling, coaching and nutrition.

I have also gained a deep familiarity and knowledge of 12-step programs and recovery, and the critical role that addictions have in our attempts to manage our inner (bodies’) reactions to trauma. I welcome clients in all stages of their recovery.

I am truly delighted to have become a “Certified Resonant Healing Practitioner” in the second Cohort of Sarah Peyton’s Resonant Healing Practitioner training program (certified April 2023), and I continue to develop my resonance skills and learning with Sarah Peyton, her community and other RHP practitioners.

I welcome the opportunity to offer warm accompaniment to you, and to be with the parts of you that may be frozen, lost, broken-hearted, despairing, grief-stricken, purposeless, or desperately lonely. Together we can work to nurture, support and heal those parts using many of Sarah Peyton’s gently powerful approaches (such as accompaniment using resonance, time travel empathy and unconscious contract work).

If you are curious and would like to see if working with me would be a good next step for you, please text or call me on the number below to set up a free 30 min call or Zoom visit with me.


Bethesda, Maryland USA

Studied with Sarah Since



Zoom or in-person: US$75 for 60 mins. Contact me for sliding scale options and lower pricing if you live outside of North America or Western Europe; other pricing for longer sessions.

Works with:

addiction, anger, anxiety, attachment, boundaries, CPTSD, depression, emotional/verbal abuse, neglect, physical abuse, PTSD, relationships/couples, self-esteem/finding life's purpose, sexual abuse/assault
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