Ann Malabre

Resonant Healing Coach, Family & Systemic Constellations Facilitator

I support people to find the patterns that unconsciously direct their lives and bring more awareness and choice to those patterns. My work with Sarah started in 2015 when I discovered her work and it fed my own fascination with the neuroscience behind human behavior and the encoding of traumatic events.

I believe in the potential of brain changing healing through understanding the complexity of human experience and neurobiology and the power of restoration in the warm resonant dialogue with the self. I have received relief through untangling of my own life experiences and unconscious contracts during my three years in Sarah’s in person master classes for facilitating family constellations.

I add to my learning from Sarah my prior years as an assistant trainer at the BayNVC Leadership Program, and as an instructor in wilderness programs supporting youth and adults exploring the wilderness inside through the metaphor of the wild landscapes outside. I am a mother of four— all now young adults— and live in rural Montana where I offer workshops and programs in schools and organizations for improving connections and relationships, conflict resolution, restorative dialogue and the art of healing apology.

I work with anyone looking to improve the quality of their relationships and those who have experienced significant loss of trust in humans.

My experience is working with:

  • Survivors of sexual violence
  • Survivors of domestic violence
  • Those who have experienced the loss of a child
  • Those in the midst of raising and loving children
  • Those with complex, confusing, and painful relationships with their family of origin

“To be witnessed and being received, the breach named and witnessed is a validation and an awakening.” ~ coaching client

“I was moved to tears a number of times during the workshop. It was the beginning of an exploration for me on patriarchy’s influence on our inner landscape.” ~ workshop participant


Gallatin Gateway, Montana USA

Studied with Sarah Since



Sessions with Ann: One-on-one session on zoom: $130-150/ for 1 hour, $150-175 for 90-minutes. Rates vary for constellations.

Works with:

anger, anxiety, attachment, boundaries, CPTSD, depression, emotional/verbal abuse, neglect, physical abuse, PTSD, relationships/couples, self-esteem/finding life's purpose, self-harm, sexual abuse/assault

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