Carine Daher

Carine Daher

A glimpse of my work Before you can lend yourself to others, whether that’s a friend, a spouse or even a colleague, you must first tend to your own house; that being the body and mind in which you spend the entirety of your life. Sometimes, however, our minds can feel...
Julie Duguid

Julie Duguid

Would it feel supportive if someone else understood how things are for you? Do your good intentions get sabotaged? Are there parts of you longing to have their emotional wounds healed, with warmth and kindness? Resonant Healing provided a very important piece of my...
Anastasia Beymart

Anastasia Beymart

In my client work I see how often people can’t allow themselves to be more visible for others, how they hide their talents and feel blocked inside to show up. I was looking for acceptance for many years. I know how difficult it could be feel underestimated,...
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