Every participant has the opportunity for two one-on-one support calls with both Gloria. These calls are an hour long and must be scheduled during the program and expire once the program is completed. The intention of the support calls is:

  1. To support a sense of personal connection with Gloria.
  2. To check in with each of you around how the program is going for you. Are there concerns, questions, celebrations or mournings you have about the program in particular?
  3. To give you an opportunity to use the time to work through an issue that you have struggled with.
  4. To receive empathy, role-play or use the time in whatever way you wish.

I encourage you to think about how you’d most enjoy using that time before the call, and imagine doing so will help make the calls most productive and rich for you.

Leadership Contact Info

Gloria: (+1) 509-876-1802 –PST zone USA
February 1st – Joan
March 7th – Glenn
March 21st – Josie
April 4th – Jeannie
May 2nd – Jocelyn
June 6th – Turiya
July 11th – Rhoda
July 18th – Ruth
August 1st – Joan
September 12th – Glenn
September 26th – Josie
October 3rd – Jeannie
October 17th – Jocelyn
November 7th – Turiya
December 5th – Rhoda
December 19th – Ruth

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