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The Story Behind A Scientist’s Warning Of An Environmental And Climate Crisis with Dr. William Ripple

February 22, 2023 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm PST

Cost: Sliding Scale

About the Event

Online, February 22, 2023   5-6:15 pm Pacific Time (convert to your time zone here)

Dr. Ripple will conclude the Resonance & Climate Change series. Distinguished Professor of Ecology; Richardson Chair; and Director, Trophic Cascades Program at Oregon State University, Ripple  will speak about our current climate crisis, his “2nd Warning Letter to Humanity,” which has over 15,000 scientist signatures and his paper “World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency.” Ripple and colleagues advocate massive-scale mobilization to address the climate crisis, including much more progress on the six steps of climate change mitigation – in areas of energy, short-lived pollutants, nature, food, economy, and population.


How to Register

This is part of the Climate Science For Our World’s Worry – The Resonance and Climate Series 2022 To see the entire collection, click here.

If you have questions, please email help@sarahpeyton.com

About Dr. William Ripple


Dr. William Ripple is Distinguished Professor of Ecology; Richardson Chair; and Director, Trophic Cascades Program at Oregon State University. He is best known for his research on terrestrial trophic cascades, particularly the role of the gray wolf in North America. Dr. Ripple was the primary author of the 2017 “2nd Warning Letter to Humanity,” with 15,364 scientist signatories from 184 countries. In addition to being a highly cited researcher, Ripple is the director of the Alliance of World Scientists, an independent organization with more than 25,000 scientist members that acts as a “collective international voice of many scientists regarding global climate and environmental trends.”


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Sarah Peyton
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