Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

We are delighted that certain courses offered by Sarah Peyton offer CEUs for social workers and psychologists. We are unable to offer credits for any other courses or professions.

This FAQ contains information that will help you determine your eligibility for CEUs. Please read this FAQ prior to your training and prior to paying for your certificate. 

Who qualifies for CEUs**?

    We are delighted to be able to offer CEUs for psychologists and social workers. Certificates are provided by Chicago Counseling Associates.

    Chicago Counseling Associates has been approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to sponsor continuing education for social workers and psychologists. CCA maintains responsibility for this program and its content. 

    Please check your licensing board to ensure you meet the criteria for receiving CEU credits. CEUs will be given upon meeting all criteria, as described in this document.

    **Disclaimer: Continuing Education rules can be strict and are set by professionals’ licensing boards. We provide this information to help you determine if you meet their criteria and to support you to receive credits if possible. It is your responsibility to be familiar with the criteria and ensure that you meet them. Your eligibility for CECs or other professional credits depends on your state licensing board and meeting the specific attendance and other requirements for your training.

    How do I apply for CEUs?
    1. Live attendance is required to receive credit for the classes and webinar*.
    2. Please fill out our CEU request form within one week of completion of the class. For multi-week classes, please fill out the form within one week of the completion of the series or webinar.
      1. You will need to provide your license number and address for the certificate.
    3. Make the payment as directed below.
    4. We will email you an electronic copy of your certificate within one month of completion of the course.
    5. You will need to retain your certificate. It is your responsibility to meet the criteria for submitting your CEUs per your profession’s governing body. 

    *At least 86% of live class hours must be attended to qualify for a certificate

    What's the cost and how do I pay?

    Cost varies depending on type of course*:

    Type/Length of course Cost
    1.5 hour Neuroscience and Resonance Webinar $12
    2-3 hour course $15-18
    6-15 hour course $30
    16+ hour course $60


    *Some courses may be priced differently, please check the advertised price in the event listing

    You can make payment at after filling out the CEU request form

    How do you track attendance?

    We refer to automated Zoom reports to verify full attendance. If you drop off the call for a short time or switch to another device, we will be able to grant you full attendance. Watching recordings of the classes does not qualify as live attendance for CEU credit. 

    If your Zoom screen name is different from the name that appears on your professional license, we will ask that you provide us your Zoom screen name.

    What if I can't attend all classes live? Can I get partial CE credits?

    Yes, you can get partial credit for the hours you attend live. You may miss 1.5 hours of live attendance for every 10 hours of class time. This ensures the integrity of the learning experience.

    I’m not a psychologist or social worker but would like CEUs for these amazing classes. What can I do?

    We regret that at this time we are unable to offer CEUs for teachers, educators, coaches, nurses, and other professions. Some licensure boards may offer reciprocity. If you are licensed with another professional board, you are responsible for appealing to your professional governing body for acceptance of our coursework for CEUs. 

    After completion of a course, if you would like a general certificate of completion to use for your appeal to your governing body, please write to us with your request for a certificate of completion within 1 month. An administrative fee of $10 is required. It is your responsibility to submit all other forms and materials your professional governing body requires.

    We will issue your certificate within 1 week of your request.

    I have a different question about CEUs. Who can I ask?

    Please first read thoroughly through this page. If you don’t see an answer to your question, send an email to our team and we will get back to you within 2-3 business days. We are a small team that is dedicated to giving you prompt responses, and sometimes we may not be able to reply within 1 business day. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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