Your Resonant Self Workbook LIVE: a 9-week Book Study Series

Join Sarah live to explore Your Resonant Self Workbook, and practice disentangling and releasing the unconscious beliefs that might be blocking you from the life you long for

Do you long to be a more full and free version of yourself?

Start by releasing unconscious contracts.

When we experience traumatic events, our brains go into a kind of lockdown, taking everything connected with that experience and freezing it into a trauma system.

This system includes all our perceptions and our thoughts, including the meaning we make from the trauma (usually that we are at fault and that people are not to be trusted!) and any promises we make to ourselves.

What do we do when we realize that the meaning we have made and the promises we have made ourselves are not actually helping us, but are harming us?

Sometimes we live our entire lives in despair and hopelessness, believing we are inherently flawed, predisposed toward self-criticism, or simply “troubled” people…but this isn’t the case!

In honor of the May 25 publication of Sarah’s new book about unconscious contracts, Your Resonant Self Workbook, this 9-week book club series will move through the types of contracts we make, and why, and support you to identify and release those agreements which are no longer serving you.


Over the course of 9 weeks we will look at the different kinds of unconscious contracts and work as a group and in breakouts to begin to name, disentangle and release the spiderwebs of unknown agreements we have with ourselves which keep us from being with the world as it is.

Each of the sessions will be recorded (for you to access anytime, as well as to be packaged for sale as recordings after the course is complete.)

Purchasing the live course includes access to the live sessions with Sarah’s presentation of the week’s material (slides are available for download), at least one unconscious contract demonstration, with a participant who has agreed to have their process recorded for demonstration purposes.

Each recorded session is 55 minutes long and examines the different contracts that arise from differences in the brains’ hemispheres, connected to every single concept of the original book (Your Resonant Self) and which the workbook goes into detail about.

You will learn how to release yourself from these contracts so you can live a life of your choosing.

Whether you are experienced or brand new to Sarah’s books, this study group is an accessible gift of learning and self-growth!

We meet Thursdays, June 17-Aug 26, 10am Pacific time (*except August 5th + 19th), but you are welcome to join anytime, live or not, and watch the recordings provided for any classes you miss.

What You’ll Learn in this 9-week Live Course

phone playing YRS Workbook guided meditations
  • Journey through the brain’s networks and systems

  • Explore and enjoy the YRS Workbook in company, and learn to identify unconscious contracts and release yourself from agreements that are no longer serving you

  • Discover the links between brain systems and the kinds of contracts we make, and bring awareness to the ‘why’ in order to bring self-compassion

  • Break free from self-sabotaging or self-destructive behaviors which might be keeping you small and inhibiting your thriving.
  • Learn to know yourself more fully and compassionately, and delight in new freedom and access to joy!

Take a Look Inside the Course

We meet live Thursdays, 10am Pacific: June 17-Aug 26, (*except Aug 5th + 19th)


Week 1: June 17: Unconscious contracts, and resonance for trauma

  • In this session, we will introduce unconscious contract work and explore its intersection with time travel resonance.

Week 2: June 24: Unconscious contracts that block self-love and secure attachment

  • This week we will look at the ways our contracts meet our needs for integrity and safety while keeping us away from the intimacy we are capable of.

Week 3: July 1st: How contract work heals shame

  • During this week’s session, we will explore some of the most common contracts of shame, and approaches to dissolving them.

Week 4: July 8: Soothing anxiety with contract work

  • In this session, we will look at the foundations of anxiety and how contract releases can bring us more ease.

Week 5: July 15: Releasing contracts that block anger

  • This week we will investigate the life-serving power of anger, and discover how contract releases can give us access to more life energy.

Week 6: July 22: Contracts that take us into blame and reactivity

  • We often say “I feel ignored,” or “I feel disrespected.” These words imply blame of others. What contracts create this
    blame, and how can we use faux feelings as clues to contracts that can be released.

Week 7: July 29: Releasing contracts that lead to depression

  • During this week’s session, we will look at the contracts that keep us from engaging with life and wonder together about what it would be like to let them go.

Week 8: Aug. 12: Contracts of addiction

  • What is different about addiction? Why is it so hard to release our addictions, even when we release our contracts? It may be because addictions also have contracts with us. Explore this approach to new freedoms and more choice.

Week 9: Aug. 26: Moving toward emergent sexuality and joy

  • In this final class, we’ll look at a contract-based invitation to finding our true selves and expressing joy.

Praise for Your Resonant Self Workbook

Brilliant, engaging, deeply nourishing, and often liberating…a powerful and comprehensive resource for people wanting to increase the flow of life and love in their lives…This book is for people interested in living a life with more freedom, connection, and less inner stress. 

Bruce Nayowith, MD

Imagine climbing through an extensive trauma web, unsure of where to turn or how to get to firm ground. Through this transformative workbook, Sarah Peyton provides a clear map to help navigate this labyrinth with exercises allowing the reader to rest, pause, and go deeper if desired.

Benjamin Burton, DPT

Sarah Peyton’s brilliance is in her ability to convey that healing is about being with the pain, getting curious about the pain, and sitting next to the pain; empathizing with and listening to the pain with wholeheartedness… Sarah takes us there in the most expeditious, while simultaneously gentle, path; through love, warmth, and resonance.

Rajkumari Neogy, Executive Coach, Founder of iRestart

Your Investment + What’s Included

What do we do when we realize that the meaning we have made and the promises we have made ourselves are not actually helping us, but are harming us? In this nine-week book course we will look at the different kinds of unconscious contracts and work as a group and in breakouts to begin to name, disentangle and release the spiderwebs of unknown agreements we have with ourselves which keep us from being with the world as it is.


Sarah’s Story

Sarah Peyton looking up and right

I used to struggle with reactive, highly volatile relationships, with my  partners, my children, my family… it has taken years of practice developing my own self-resonance and secure attachment to be in joyful connective relationships.

I used to carry a book on my lap while driving because my critical inner voice was so cruel, I needed something to distract me for the 20-30 seconds it took for the light to turn green. Can you imagine how impossible it would be to form healthy relationships with others when we can barely stand ourselves?

I’m here today to share what I’ve learned since then about how to heal past pains and move into a joyful relationship with ourselves using the insights of my first book, Your Resonant Self. Regardless of your age, genetic predisposition or adverse childhood experiences, your brain is capable of building new neural fibers to help self-regulate your emotions and awaken your body as a place of safety and security.

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