Aneta Stępień-Proszewska

Aneta Stępień-Proszewska

Resonant healing practitioner, PCC ICF life & executive coach, mediator, relationship trainer

Do you want to change your way of being in relationships and bring more connection, peace and intimacy to them?

Would you like to have more warmth and acceptance for yourself? To turn judging or blaming voice of your inner critic into voice of a resonating self witness?

Would you love to free yourself from anxiety or guilt, to get out of stuck?

Are you longing for more grounding and confidence in your parenting so that you could provide tender accompaniment to your kids?

I am a Resonant Healing Practitioner, PCC ICF certified life and executive coach, trainer of empathetic communication and leadership based on Nonviolent Communication, as well as a mediator. I believe that the world peace begins with inner peace and love in each of us. I support individuals in freeing themselves from fear, guilt, shame, limiting beliefs and unconscious contracts. I help discover your full personal potential and reach for the source of your inner strength and personal power. I help heal and strengthen couple and family relationships as well as support building harmoniously working teams and communities.


Warsaw, Poland

Studied with Sarah Since




Works with:

anger, anxiety, attachment, boundaries, emotional/verbal abuse, neglect, relationships/couples, self-esteem/finding life's purpose
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