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How We Love and What it Means for Us

May 21, 2023 @ 4:00 am - May 23, 2023 @ 3:00 pm PDT

Cost: €600 – €750

About the Event

Unlock the Power of Attachment: Transform Your Relationship Patterns Today

ONLINE workshop with Sarah Peyton, 21-23 May 2023
  • Do you ever feel bewildered about the partners and friends who are compelling to you?
  • Do you repeatedly end up in relationships that aren’t very good for you?
  • Are often overwhelmed when others get very close to you, or do you long for more connection and intimacy but not telling anyone about it?

Attachment is the way that our brains and bodies are wired to understand and predict relationships, which is heavily based on our childhood experience, especially in the first several years of life.

The way we are responded to creates within us this ongoing prediction or expectation of how we become attached to others and whether that attachment is secure or insecure.

Do we get to expect that others will see us and know us? Or do we predict that others will be warm with us without knowing us? Do we expect that others will devour us? What do we expect from a relationship in which we’re getting close to someone else?

We invite you for three days full of learning, science-based knowledge, exercises, and inspiration in this online workshop with Sarah Peyton.

Healing is possible

The neurobiology of attachment, the way that our earliest connections affect our adult lives, has a lot to tell us about these deep relational patterns, and it is fun and transformational to learn.

Join Sarah Peyton for an exploration of what our brains are doing and how to grow new, resonant fibers that move us toward earned secure attachment – the state where you can tend to your own needs while staying in relationship with others. Where your ‘no, thanks’ comes easily when it is relevant, and where you can ask for what you want, without heartbreak if you receive a ‘no’.

During this online workshop, participants will:

  • Discover their own attachment patterns
  • Experience the power of resonance to make our brains good places to live
  • Release the unconscious contracts that keep us bound to unhealthy relationships
  • Develop more self-warmth and self-understanding.

Overcome Attachment Trauma: Join Our Workshop and Learn How to Build Healthier Relationships

This workshop is an invitation to personal development for adults who want to understand their relational patterns better, as well as the patterns of those they are close to. When you join this workshop, you will learn the basics of working with attachment trauma and, with a practice buddy, you will be able to keep working with these matters on your own after the training. This work will be a contribution towards earned secure attachment as you keep practicing.

If you are in a mental health crisis, this may not be the right choice for you. The training is not regarded as therapy or crisis support, nor a substitute for it. If you are in doubt about whether this workshop would be a good fit for you, please connect with the organizers.

Are you Polish, needing help with English?

This workshop will offer simultaneous interpretation into Polish for those who need it.  This will happen via zoom and will be audible only to those who request it.  Please let the organizers know upon enrollment if this is something you need.

What are the workshop hours?

This is a workshop with an international audience. We offer plenary sessions and empathy groups twice each day in order to accompany participants from different time zones.  Click on the conversion links below to see session hours in your own time zone.

Day 1 (May 21):

Day 2 (May 22):

Day 3 (May 23):

Cost and How to Register

What does it cost?

Western European or North American residents – $817 (750 €)
Polish, Eastern European or global south residents – $654 (600 €)

The prices include VAT for private attendees. If you are VAT registered in EU, let us know.

Unsure what you should pay? Please contact us.

BONUS offering

Sign up by April 30 and get a FREE GIFT! Get access to a collection of 16 teleseminars on attachment as a bonus for free ($169 value) 

Enrolling and payment

Enrollment is open

Sign up directly here **

**if you prefer to register and pay in US Dollars, please contact the organizers and let them know.

This workshop is organized by two experienced and certified Nonviolent Communication Trainers, Joanna Berendt and Pernille Plantener.  Please contact either Pernille or Asia with questions.

About Sarah

sarah smiling slightly looking at camera

Sarah Peyton, Certified Trainer of Nonviolent Communication and neuroscience educator, integrates brain science and the use of resonant language to heal personal and collective trauma with exquisite gentleness.

Sarah is a sought-after expert who brings neuroscience expertise together with depth work, self-compassion, and the transformative potential of language. She works with audiences internationally to create a compassionate understanding of the effects of relational trauma on the brain, and teaches people how words change and heal us.

Sarah teaches and lectures internationally and is the author of four books on relational neuroscience and self-compassion: Your Resonant Self: Guided Meditations and Exercises to Engage Your Brain’s Capacity for Healing, the companion Your Resonant Self Workbook: From Self-sabotage to Self-care, and Affirmations for Turbulent Times: Resonant Words to Soothe Body and Mind, and The Antiracist Heart: A Self-Compassion and Activism Handbook, co-authored alongside Roxy Manning, PhD.


May 21, 2023 @ 4:00 am PDT
May 23, 2023 @ 3:00 pm PDT
€600 – €750
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Online via Zoom


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