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Whatever your results are, you make sense. Each attachment style you have was formed based on your experiences with the people closest to you and depend on your lived experiences. Insecure attachment styles are not bad.  Your attachment style percentages reveal your brain’s patterning in relationships with those you are close to, and can point you toward healing!

The best news? Our brains can change, through the magic of neuroplasticity, and this also changes the way we are with others and allows us to have more fulfilling relationships. This movement toward earned secure attachment is exactly what resonance supports. After stepping into the world of resonance, come back and retake the quiz to see how your brain is changing.

If you’d like to dive deeper into working with your attachment patterns, consider these webinars and courses:




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Ambivalent Attachment: Recognition and Healing

Do you wonder if you or someone you love may have ambivalent attachment patterns, leading to self-doubt about your worth, capacity, and value? Join Sarah Peyton to discover how understanding the brain can help us direct the path of healing, and choose the journey that will most support integration.



Healing Loneliness: Moving out of Avoidant Attachment

Ever wonder about the experience of lifelong loneliness, the tendency to push others away and the struggle to find life’s meaning that is prevalent for so many of us? Take a listen as Sarah Peyton shares the latest discoveries concerning avoidant attachment and what they reveal about possible paths we can take toward healing. 

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Change the World by Entering the Right Hemisphere, Home of Empathy

Would you like to experience the world from a sense of togetherness, belonging and connectedness with all life? Join Sarah for a hope-filled webinar about how we can use warmth and self-understanding in our language to support our movement into the right hemisphere.


Disorganized Attachment: Understanding and Healing with Empathy

When trauma enters the family, the heartbeat of secure attachment is interrupted and disorganization comes into the scene. Join Sarah Peyton for an exploration of the journey of healing for any bubbles of traumatic attachment that may be floating around in your system.


The Attachment and Romance Series

This collection of nine webinars explores recent research into the neurobiology of attachment in intimate relationship. Sarah shares about the impacts of trauma while offering tools for healing with resonance and self-warmth so that we may experience more wellness in our relationships.


The Attachment and Parenting Series

In this collection of nine webinars, Sarah Peyton explores the ways that our brains and our ability to securely attach to people throughout our lives is shaped by our primary caregivers as children. Learn about the neurobiology of attachment, attachment parenting, as well as how to heal with resonance and self-warmth.


Attachment in Everyday Conversations: Transforming the Small Opportunities for Connection

While resonance and communication skills are useful in times of conflict, we can also be present to the smaller moments that show us who one another really are. Join Sarah Peyton for an exploration of what is revealed about each of us in the tiny moments of life and conversation.


Finding Other Brains Within Ours

Are you curious how to use family constellations to work with attachment and other intergenerational wounds? Join Sarah in a constellation exploration to learn the relational neuroscience of holding others in our brains, as well as movements that support self-compassion and the disentangling of trauma.


Relationships Become Biological Structure

Curious about about how our relationships form our brain structure? In this webinar, Sarah Peyton explores recent research into the brain, attachment styles for teachers, creating shared reality in groups, along with other fascinating learning that relational neuroscience has to offer.


Be gentle with yourself. Working with trauma is not easy, but it can be sweet and nourishing when done with resonance.

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